A Center For Transformation for Rising BIPOC Leaders

Developing Leaders Through Land-Based Education

A Center For Transformation for Rising BIPOC Leaders

Developing Leaders Through Land-Based Education

About The Semilla Project

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the skills, knowledge, and community framework to prepare the upcoming leaders using a relevant practical critical framework approach that provides applied and tangible community solutions to address the problems in the communities of color around climate justice, racial and justice equity.

Our Vision

At TSP we envision a strong generation of BIPOC leaders that will develop the strategies to achieve cross-movement liberation, and the policy platforms that a new generation of candidates in public positions can adopt and push forward.

Our Organizational Grounding

Our Pillars Guiding Our Transformative Work

Strengthening Our Movement's Frontline

We fuel issue campaigns, governance efforts, and education of policymakers and educators to ensure the victories we attain are implemented well. Fostering accountable representation and promoting civic participation ensures the voices of our communities are amplified.

Cultivating and Transforming Leaders

We empower individuals to challenge systems of oppression and become agents of change using mentorship and companionship. Through scalable training, we unleash the power of networking and collaboration—cultivating leaders who are effective and resilient.

Deepening Indigeneity with Land- Based Learning

We use land-based curricula and outdoors programs to build self-identity and wellness as a foundation for civic action, climate justice work, and environmental stewardship. Youth develop technical, personal, and interpersonal skills while camping, hiking, and climbing.

Revolutionizing Economic Development Models

We provide underrepresented communities with avenues to outdoor industries by training and incentivizing BIPOC youth as outdoor guides, instructors, and educators. We support scalable climate justice initiatives that elevate local communities’ regenerative economies.

Transforming Media Narratives and Building Power

We believe in the power of stories. We shift media narratives by amplifying new voices within our communities, celebrating our connection to the land as a cultural heritage, and expanding our vision’s reach in community narratives, both online and offline.

Youth Leadership Development & Transformative Movement.

Our Programming Overview


Focuses on Youth Activation through outdoors, land-based learning, and wellness with healing and grounding practices and a curricula connecting participants to identity, culture, and each other. BIPOC youth participate in no-cost climbing days, three-day backpacking trips, and three- and ten-day outdoors intensives.

Cosecha Forward

A mentorship program connecting BIPOC professionals with BIPOC youth. We engage BIPOC youth in 1:1 and small group educational mentorships. Youth are empowered as both learners and leaders and shape programming decisions on their own behalf.

The Return

An excursion to the highest volcanic summit in North America, Citlaltepetl (Mexico). The Return includes mountaineering leadership training and climate change impact education led by descendants of the original inhabitants of Mexico and New Mexico.

Youth Power!

A program to educate youth in advocacy and movement building for issues directly impacting their communities, public lands, nature, and wellbeing.


A cross-racial coalition of six organizations that prepares youth leaders to tackle justice issues in their own regions. The effort shifts the public narrative to center BIPOC communities and accelerates a movement toward a sustainable and just economy.

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