SemiYA!- Youth Activation through Outdoors, Land Based Learning and Wellness. We educate, engage, train and activate BIPOC youth in developing community policy recommendations for the different levels of government; neighborhood, school boards, city council, statewide, and tribal. This program has been a success collaboration with immigrant and undocumented membership of NMDT UndocuHealing and native youth from Native American Community Academy. We already activated over 50 youth through this program.

Re/Generation is a cross-racial coalition of six organizations representing New Mexico’s diverse Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), immigrant, and refugee communities. We seek to transform systemic racial inequity through a place-based, scalable climate justice initiative that will support regenerative economies in our local communities while building solidarity with the global movement. New Mexico is a borderland state, with the U.S.-Mexico border to the south and twenty-three sovereign Indigenous nations within. With an extraction-based economy—and a high reliance on privately-run prisons—our communities have some of the highest poverty rates, pollution exposure, and poorest health outcomes in the country. Re/Generation is a decolonizing project that begins with preparing youth leaders to tackle racial and climate justice issues in their own regions; shifting the public narrative to center BIPOC communities; and accelerating a movement toward a just economy that sustains both our planet and our people.

COsecha Forward –  BIWOC leadership, organizers, educators, curriculum developers and strategist  will provide its experiences on organizing, campaigns and advocacy to ensure the center of leadership development and capacity building has a holistic overview for the yearly cohort of 20 BIWOC that will start this summer to prepare themselves for being campaign managers, field managers, narrative expertises, advocates and identify the potential candidates for City Councils, School Board Elections and run Ballot Initiatives.