The Semilla Project is 501 (c) (3) center of change and transformation focused on leadership development and capacity building led by BIWOC for BIPOC/BIWOC youth through identity, culture, wellness and land based learning.

TSP came to live as a need in the immigrant rights movement in New Mexico through New Mexico Dream Team (NMDT)  to embrace and understand the vital role of BIWOC leadership in our movement as part of an effort to be cross movement and intersectional with the solutions of the problems of communities of color have to deal every day. BIWOC children, youth, adults, and elders voices and leadership must uplift and centered their constant and valuable contribution in the frontlines, strategy and building aspect of movements towards liberation as part of the whole world active role of healing and finding truth and reconciliation in  the state of violence that we live in. We recognize as movement leadership development is not just needed in the teen or youth but its cycle of learning where BIWOC are key to bring the perspective and solutions to dismantle the oppressive, misogynist and capitalist systems that are impacting our communities through climate, water, land and food.


We envision real, tangible cross-movement liberation by preparing a strong generation of BIWOC leaders that will be develop the strategies and the policy platforms that a new generation of candidates in public offices will adopt and push forward.


We believe that by providing the skills, knowledge, and community framework for upcoming leaders using a relevant practical critical framework approach that provides applied and tangible community solutions, communities of color we will be able to achieve climate and racial justice, and equity.


If BIWOC are centered and lead on providing leadership development to upcoming generation on the importance to achieve systematic change starts by reconnecting, understanding, reclaiming culture, identity,  wellness and their relationship with land then organizing, transformation and liberation becomes cross-racial, gender fluid, cross-movement by nature and ultimately change and advancement of well being is possible for ALL.OUR VALUES


Our core values are wellness, land based relationship, leadership development, intersectional, intergenerational, compassion, love and accountability.